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ByteDance the company behind the huge social networking app TikTok is reportedly planning something huge in the gaming industries. Bloomberg reports that the company is going to make a gaming division that will create hardcore or non-casual game.

This new game is still in development but ByteDance had already set up a team of 1000 people to make it happen. Additionally, there are 2 titles from ByteDance’s that are scheduled for release this year. One of which is said to be a new MMO featuring Chinese fantasy elements that are going to be released in China and around the world.

ByteDance also reportedly hired top talent from other studios to help lead the charge, one of whom is Wang Kuiwu. He is known as the Perfect World Executive, and some of the NetEase staff that works in the Pangu Game Studio. This new venture is also said to involve much bigger investment from ByteDance in making the hardcore games.

ByteDance is really trying their best to pave the road to the gaming industries. Well, despite their effort, we can only see when the game is released. Since they already had popularity. They need to prove that the game is worthy to be played.

What do you guys think about this? Do you think that TikTok company will be able to make a good game?

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