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Natalia Mobile Legends had always been one of the less popular heroes. As an assassin, she needs a lot of farming in the early game which makes her less OP than the other hero. This coupled with the new meta such as Gussion with his burst damage or even Helcurt that will help the team more in a dire situation. It didn’t help when Natalia need to stop for a little while to get her stealth.


Seeing that, Moonton seems to decide to increase her popularity by giving her a revamp. Giving her a new ultimate that will make her much more OP to kill low health heroes such as mage and marksman. Now, her new ultimate enables her to be stealthy whenever she wants.

If she uses it, she can immediately go into a stealth mode and gain bonus movement speed and physical damage to kill her enemies. Coupled with an item like Berseker Fury, her damage will increase more.

The best part about this ultimate is that it can be used again to stealth the second time after in the span of 5s when you gank the other heroes. This means that it can be used to either run away or finish the deal with other heroes. However, Natalia revamp is currently still on advanced server and it is not known when the release date.

Moonton will also need to adjust something regarding Natalia revamps. So stay tuned for more updates!

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