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If you are searching for a new fun game that can be played with or without your friends then I really suggest you to try this game. The game called Hidden Survivor. It is a Chinese online game where the player will need to survive in an unknown world.

The player need to explore and collect material to build a sanctuary full of resources with the character that you had collected. The game is really fun to play and I really recommended for you guys to play!


Survivors who have been dragged into this foreign world must engage in hiding and seek and combat to collect resources and survive. They must use the collected resources to improve the facilities within the sanctuary and produce necessities such as food and beverages to endure through this survival competition.


Hidden Survivor had 2 modes. First is the explore mode which is basically a hide and seeks game. Where a player will be able to collect resources in the game to build your sanctuary. The player will be sent on a map with a bunch of players and then compete in a battle of point to be the best. You will take on a different item that is scattered on the map, and gain different items from the forms that players use. For example if the player becomes a water bucket they will gain clear water, but if the player becomes a trash can, the player will get plastic.

The player can gain points by using a bunch of items, running from the person that becomes “it”, hiding, and killing the other person. But to kill the person, the player will need to find a potion called “Ressurection potion” that will give the player a human form, afterward the player can run around the map killing the other player that is hiding from you.

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Aside from hiding, you also need to run around since the map will shrink each minute. So, the player won’t be able to stay in one place. Another thing that will help you in the game is the items that are scattered around the map. Users will be able to use it to gain buffs and heal in the game. Such as :

  • Hotdog and candy: Heal the player.
  • Rollerblade: Increase the player speed.
  • Magnifying Glasses (that looks like a mirror): Gain the ability to see which is the player.
  • Glasses: See clearer and know where the person that becomes “it” is on the map.
  • Compass: Know where the resurrection potion is on the map.

If the player wins, the player will be able to gain more stuff in the end after the exploration that can be used to further enhance and upgrade facilities in the building mode which is the second mode in the game.

Basically, in the game aside from exploring you will need to take care of your character. The more people that live in your sanctuary, the more resource that you need to keep them alive.

Players will need to explore to get more stuff and assign another survivor on the map exploration settings to get more resources. Players will be able to have 3 people at the start of the game and will increase if you had bought another character by using gold. Each character has 3 stats that the player will need to watch out for, which is Fullness, Moisture, and Spirits.

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Fullness is literally just Hunger that can be replenished by eating something, Moisture is thirst that can be replenished by drinking water, and spirits is health that can be replenished by eating healthy food.

Basically, if either one of these gets to zero your character will die, and your game will be over and you will need to restart. With some exception of things that you can get in the rollover.

Graphic & Sound

The game has an anime style graphic, with a dark atmosphere. The little piano play on the start of the game makes the game really eerie but beautiful in its own way. Nothing else to add about the two. Try it yourself and if you are an anime lover then you will definitely love this game.

What it lacks

Honestly, despite the fun and the beauty of the game. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is perfect. One of which is the lack of tutorial that makes this game a little bit difficult to play. For example, player doesn’t know the importance of using tactics to increase the point required for rank, the importance of stove and beverage facilities to survive, how to get more survivor in the end, etc. Of course there are tutorial in the game but it only give us enough information, not the detailed information.

Added with the crude translation, it makes this game harder to understand despite the fun that it offers. In my opinion, if they can fix the translation and give the player a little detail more detail. This game will be so fun to play.

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I give this game a whopping 4 stars out of 5 stars. What’s not to like, a fun and unique game play that haven’t been explored. Bunch of features, like building, surviving and exploring like never before, and a really cute anime style graphic that i personally like.

Plus they have a little fan service on each character, so why not? If you are also interested in the game, click on the link below to download it!

App Rating : Hidden Survivor (Free)
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