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There is a rumor circulating that Mobile Legends is going to have a new marksman hero in the Advance server. The rumor is being leaked by Mobile Legends Arks. After the release of Cecilion in the original server, the players have been wondering what kind of hero will be released after it. And so thanks to the leakers, here is the information that we have gathered.

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The newest hero is called Popol and Kupa, which is a marksman loli that will battle in the land of dawn with his pet. It got a code name of “a Hunter and Pet” by Moonton. It seems like he is going to be one of the newest heroes in Mobile Legends. FYI, the leaker had leaked its skill icon added with the skill description of the hero.

Here is the English translation:

  • Icefield Companion (Passive):
    Popol and his best friends Kupa are inseparable and will always fight together. Every attack that Kupa make will increase Popol attack speed by 10% for 3s and can stack 5 times. Popol will also heal Kupa by 10% of his health if he ever leaves the fight after 5s.
  • We are all angry (Ultimate):
    Kupa release the true nature of Popol, transforming the creature and increasing his Physical damage by 25% (Kupa transform into the king of wolf) and increasing his Physical and magical defense. While active his skill will also get a power up for 8s.
  • Surprise in Popol (Skill 3):
    Popol will make a trap on the designated location. The trap will explode giving 120 magical damage and slowing down the enemies by 60% for 1,2s. Popol can make 3 traps and each traps will have 60s duration each.
  • Help me, Kupa! (Skill 2)
    Popol will ask for  Kupa to comeback and shield him, for it Popol will get 200 shield from Kupa. Kupa will then take over for 3s and help attack the enemies around Popol.
  • Bite Him, Kupa! (Skill 1):
    Popol will order Kupa to bite the target, giving 200 physical damage, and completely attack the target for 3s.

So there you have it, the new hero Popol and Kupa that will have amazing new set of skill. What do you guys thing about it?

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