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There isn’t that any items that are made for tank users in Mobile Legends, which means that in the late game, enemies in the late game can kill any type of tanker by using the usual marksman or mage build in any way. This makes Tank users useless despite being one of the most needed roles in the game.

Even in the early game, if the user keeps dying, tank users won’t be able to get back in the game with paper-thin health and so on. This is why I am thankful for the dev to actually revamp an item called Twilight Armor, making it one of the best items that can be given to a tanker, especially in the Marksman meta.

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Basically, Twilight armor will be going on a change, where it will still get the bonus of reducing damage to 900 after the attack that surpasses it, in addition to gaining a bonus of reducing the critical damage of any marksman user by 20%. This is a much more convenient item, rather than the previous effect of dominance ice of reducing the chance for critical hit by 10%.

Mainly because even with the critical chance reduced, marksman can still deal critical hit to tank with the same damage (especially in the late game). The new Twilight armor, however, will render the bonus damage of Berseker fury, while increasing the chance of survival with the original Twilight armor Passive that decrease the original damage to 900 damage without any problem.

So, what do you guys think about the update? Are you okay with it?

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