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Today, PDF is becoming one of the most used documents. PDF stands for Portable Document format that is introduced to ease the sharing of documents between computers. It can also be used to transfer files across the Operating system platform when you need to save files that can’t be modified but need to be easily shared and printed, which is mostly used in the office.

This means that if you want to combine 2 pdf files into one, you will need to use a special method to do. Which is why today, roonby will give you a simple way to combine PDF files easily without any problem.

1. Small PDF (Website Online)


Small PDF is an easy way to combine your PDF files without any problem. This website is really easy to understand, and can be used for free with many features include in it. You will be able to compress, change PDF to Word, JPG to PDF, convert it, split it, and of course merge it.

  • Go to the website Smallpdf
  • Click on the Merge PDF
  • Upload your PDF file on the merge PDF page
  • Arrange it
  • Then Merge!

2. WPS Office (Laptop & PC)

Combine PDF FIles

One of the best alternative software for Microsoft words that have a wide arrange of feature, and free to use. One of the features that is not known for many people is the ability to merge PDF Files.

  • Download WPS Office first.
  • Install it on your Laptop or PC.
  • Click on the “Split/Merge” button that is available on the left side of the software.
  • upload the file that you want to merge and arrange it as you like.
  • Add the file name of the pdf of the finished product and click merge.

3. Combine PDF 

Combine PDF FIles


One of the alternatives ways to merge your PDF file online, where the user will be able to merge PDF files online with this website Combine PDF. This website will be able to let you merge your file easily without any problem and download it.

  • Open the website Combine PDF.
  • Click and drag to upload the PDF File that you want to merge.
  • Arrange it.
  • Combine and download the file.

4. PDF Utils

PDF Utils is one of the best android software to modify your PDF file that are save in your android phone. The app is free to use and you don’t even need that big of storage to use it only 4.9 MB.

  • Install PDF Utils on your Android in Playstore.
  • Click on the Merge PDF/Image files to merge your files.
  • Add the PDF Files that you want to merge.
  • Arrange the files as you want.
  • tap the tick sign and give the file name to merge it.

5. PDF Converter

Combine PDF FIles


PDF Converter is another alternative apps if you don’t like PDF Utils. It has a better UI Design than PDF Utils. The app is underrated with more than 4-star review on the app.

  • Install the App PDF Converter on your android in Playstore.
  • Click on the 4 vertical lines in the top left and scroll to find the Merge PDF feature.
  • Select the file that you want to merge.
  • arrange it and you are done.
  • Note : You can also add password to secure your file!

Hopefully, this list of app and software will be able to help you modify and merge your PDF files into one. This list above contain apps that you can use on your phone, and software or even website that you can use anywhere you wanted.

So if you have any problem, you will be able to use the other app listed on the list to help you safely combine your PDF Files!

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