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Popol and Kupa are going to be the next Mobile Legends hero in advance server besides atlas. Both is going to be one hero where the marksman, Popol will be able to control his pet Kupa to bite his enemies to death. It means that Popol is the fourth hero that uses summon aside from Zhask, Sun, and lastly Vexana.


You can see the game play in the video above. His first skill is to mark his enemy and then Kupa will bite him 3 times. The second skill is to call back Kupa near Popol. Popol will then gain shield according to his damage, and Kupa will attack the enemies near Popol. His third skill will make traps in the designated place. Lastly, his ultimate will transform Kupa to wolf king and buff all of his skill.

The design is really cute with a little barbaric look. However, this is just the first update from Moonton, and they will definitely change some of the skill. But from the look, Popol and Kupa will definitely be worth playing right? What do you guys think?

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