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Finally, Google released the first developer preview of a new android version in March. Google get faster on releasing the new Android 11, and you can see it now in the form of Developer Preview 1. The preview is not intended to be used daily, because there are still many things that can be improve.

But, we will be able to get a glimpse of the change that will be added to the next Android version before final. If you are interested in it, here are some of the feature that will be implemented in the next update:


  • 5G will be implemented on Android 11, with a much better connectivity than Android 10.
  • The new version bring updated connectivity APIs, so the dev can take more advantages of the improve latency and speed that 5G offers.
  • Devs can check whether a connection is unmetered or not, and you can control the data usage depending on the app that can offer higher resolution or quality.

Enhanced overall Connection

  • User will be able to use a bandwidth estimator API that can be used by the devs to figure out how much downstream/upstream bandwidth is available, without the app needing to poll itself or compute its own.
  • Call screening service will get an improvements.
  • WiFi and Passpoint will get API Enhancements.

New Screen Supported

  • The newer phone model that use Pinhole and waterfall screen are now supported in Android 11. Company won’t have to do extra work of adding in the support themselves.
  • Apps can manage pinhole and waterfall screens using the existing display cutout APIs.
  • Which means that your app can use the entire waterfall screen including the edges.
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  • There is going to be a dedicated conversation section in the notification shade for ongoing conversation. Bubbles are a way to keep conversations in view and accessible while you do other stuff on your phone.
  • If an app supports image copy and paste, Android 11 will be able to insert images to notification replies so the user won’t need to open the app to see the image.
  • In the first developer preview, there’s image copy support in Chrome and image paste support through Gboard.

Privacy and permissions

  • User will get a one-time permission for location as well as the use of microphone, and camera. Which means that the app will need your permission the next time you open the app again.
  • If you tap deny on any specific permission, during the lifetime of an app’s installation on a device they will not ask again and you won’t ever be nagged from that point on. If you want to change your mind, you will need to go into the settings and do it manually or reinstall the app.
  • The Google Play System Updates (nee Project Mainline) introduced in Android 10 have been expanded to add 12 new updatable modules, including a permissions module that standardizes user and developer access to critical privacy controls.

Note: Additionally, later this year, apps in the Play Store will only be allowed to ask for getting your location data in the background with Google’s permission. As of August 3, all new apps submitted to the Play Store that access background location will need to be approved, and from November 2 all existing apps that request background location will need to be approved by the company or they’ll be gone from the Play Store. This is a huge change because it impacts all versions of Android, not just 11.

Screen recording

  • Screen recording is back (it was included in early versions of Android 10 then dropped). It can be trigger this with a new Quick Settings tile.
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Dark mode Enhancement

  • You can turn on and off the dark mode based on time of the day, from turning it on when the sun sets and off when the sun rises again or even at any time you want.

Developer tools

  • Developer will be able to use the new Neural Networks API to expands the operations and control, as well as bunch of improvements to security
  • Developer will  get a new process and tools to minimize the impact of platform updates on their apps.

Application setting

  • Apps can use a new API to mute vibration from ringtones, alarms, or notification while a capture session is active


  • Metadata tags allow for bokeh modes on camera capture request on the devices that support it.

Pixel 4 specific changes

  • For Pixel 4 and 4XL, there will be a new motion sense gesture to pause music and an option to increase touch sensitivity when using a screen protector!

If you are interested in checking out the buggy pre-release OS on your phone, then you can download the Android 11 DP1 Full factory images here, and OTA files here. The preview is compatible to Pixels one device except the original Pixel, and Pixel XL.

Note: Do this at your own risk.

If you want to try the beta version that you can install on your Pixel phone, then you will need to wait until May (According to google).

Source: GSMArena

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