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Granger is becoming one of the best marksman in Mobile Legends. Mainly, because of his massive burst damage that can kill most enemies in the late game. Added with the red buff, not even tank can defense against his damage overall. However, in the next Mobile Legends patch, Granger will get a nerfs that will most definitely reduce his overall damage.

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On the next patch update, Moonton will give a nerf to Granger first skill, Rhapsody. Where his first skill can be stop with any crowd control skill now. Stun, silent and event bind can now stop his first skill. It means that his main damage dealing skill now won’t be a problem in the future.


Added with the update of Twilight armor that can be use to reduce critical damage, the player will be able to use it to counter Berserker Fury, item which is the main core item for Granger. Besides that, there are also a nerfs on the red buff which means that the damage overall for Granger will be reduce.

But what do you guys think about the nerf? Will it be a problem for the burst damage Marksman?

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