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Recently, it has been known that twitter had a new feature called mute. Where the user will be able to block a phrase and mute it. The phrase then will be filtered in your feed. With this feature, twitter allows you not only to mute hashtags and account but also an individual words. If you don’t know how, here is the step by step:

For iOS User:

Step 1. Block the word that you want to mute

As you can see in the example above, you will be able to mute the word “Fortnite”. You only need to press long on the phrase you wanted to mute. The option is available on the far-right, and after you tap it, the world will be muted from your feed.

Step 2. Select where and how long you want to mute it

There are also an option on where you wanted to mute the phrases, and how long you want to mute it.

Note: The process above is only available on iOS twitter app.

For Android User:

Step 1 and the only step > go to settings, and go to “Content Preferences” section

Afterwards select the muted option on the content preferences section. When you select the option, you will find the muted words and you can add the words that you wanted to mute individually.

Note: According to Twitter, the words that you add are not case sensitive, which means that you don’t have to mute every variation of the word ex “Fortnite”, “fortnite” or “FORTNITE”.

We wish that this tips will help you make your twitter a better place for you and remove some of your annoying phrase or words from your field of view.

Source: thenextweb.

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