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Previously, we have covered that Mobile legends is going to released a new marksman called Popol and Kupa with the codename Hunter with a pet. You have given some explanation regarding their skill in general. It seems that Moonton decided that both are not OP enough and reworked their passive into somewhat more OP than before, giving them a free blade of heptaseas on their passive.

Previously, Popol passive is to gain a stack every time Kupa (The wolf) hits its target. The stack will give him 50% bonus attack speed and enables Popol to gain give more DPS (Damage per second) because of how high his attack speed. Because of that most user build the hero full damage making him OP because of his high attack speed and damage without even using an attack speed item.

The rework that is given however is more OP than the previous one. Now, every time Kupa attack another enemy, Popol will gain 1 stack, with a max of 5 stacks. After the stack is full, Popol next basic attack will give double damage, which means that if popol had 500 attack damage the next damage will be 1000 more damage. However the attack speed bonus passive will be no more.

Aside from that, Moonton adds a buff to both Skill 2 and Skill 3. Where, the awaken skill 2 will give more shield and knock up Popol and Kupa enemy in the area, and skill 3 will have an updated visual effect giving it a snowflakes effect to the skill making it prettier to look.

This updated effect and passive reworked is still on development and might be released in the advanced server next update. So what do you think about Popol and Kupa new passive, especially if you added the passive with the item blade of heptaseas, his attack damage will definitely be terrifying.

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