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If you had played Mobile Legends then you will know that this game is far from perfect. Mainly because there are still some cheaters out there that are making the game unplayable for another player.

In the last few years, bad players use a script that enables the user to see his enemy’s location, which is crucial for MOBA gamer to gank their enemies.

To make their game more fair to each and every one, Moonton implemented a ban for 1 week to 10 years depending on how often the player got reported. If they find a player that uses a 3rd party app or script to modify the data inside the game.

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Furthermore, this ban will also be given to those that play with a player that uses the cheat. This means that if you team up with a player that uses the cheat and you are reported, you will be given a ban depending on how often you get reported.

It might be 1 week, 30 days, or even 10 years. For example: in the image above, the Indonesian player that got a banned for 30 days for playing with a cheater. The Mobile Legends Facebook official said “Aside for player that use 3rd party app or script, the player that play with a cheater in a team will also get banned. So that there won’t be a sacrifice account that is used by many people to play with cheat”

Hopefully, the game will be cheat-free and the player will be able to have a more fun experience playing the game!

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