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After the nerf that Moonton gives to Gusion, (Gusion is one of the best assassins in Mobile Legends regarding the limit and range for his second phase first skill). In the recent updates in advance server, it seems with a personal grudge, Moonton has given another nerf.

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As you can see in the patch above, the nerf will affect his first skill again. In the next update, Gusion will have a nerf on his first skill again, where the speed of his dagger will be reduced slightly. This means that the enemy hero will be able to side steps and avoid his first skill easily and avoid getting the full damage of his second skill. The video below describes the difference:


There is a really little difference between the advance server one. However for the pro-Gusion user, they might have a little problem regarding the nerf. Especially, after the range limitation of his first skill. Aside from that, there is a nerf on the Marksman meta like Granger, Bruno, and Wan – Wan.

What do you think about the nerf on Gusion? Will it affect your game play?

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