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Finally, in the next update, Moonton will fix the network ping connection on Mobile Legends. In the next update, Network Boost Function is available. This feature is now added in the advance server, where the user will be able to turn on both 4G and WiFi to boost their ping. You can see it in the image below:

With this update, Moonton will give the setting in the top right main screen of the game. Where user will be able to activate this setting in the Main Screen > Network Setting > Network Boost Switch to use this feature. It will automatically use the WiFi and Network settings and then boost your ping at the same time.

However, do note that this will cost more data packet to use. The feature is currently available only on Android, and iOS users will need to wait for a little while. Currently, this feature is only available on the Advance server and will probably be included in the next big update.

Hopefully, with the network fix, more users will be able to play the game with ease without losing because of network problems.

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