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Mobile Legends has another set of modes that you can play and it is amazing! Where their player will be able to play auto battler, auto chess game with the hero of Mobile Legends. The game is face pace and it is really fun to play. Now, if you are competitive like me, today we will give you some of the best Mobile Legends Magic Chess built. Check it out!

Core Hero



Diggie is a Guardian, Summoner, and Eruditio. But in this build, the core of Diggie is to be Guardian. The role of Diggie is not to a damage dealer but is to defend the ranged hero like Miya, Estes, and marksman from the other hero.



Miya is the core damage dealer in this build. As an elf and marksman. Her ability to deal with massive damage is one of the best, especially in her 3rd star. Definitely get Miya to 3rd star first before the other. You must give item like “Haas Claw, Blade of Despair, and Demon Hunter sword to give her a massive boost of damage especially in the late game”



One of the easiest Guardian heroes at a cheap price that you can get easily. Use Akai to stun and complete the guardian hero. If you are lucky, Akai can be 3rd star easily.



The hardest one to find to complete the set. Immediately get Belerick to complete the sets if you can, because in the early game. This will make your team tankier so that you are able to win more games easily.

Any Marksman: Prefer Karrie


Karrie is another marksman that you can use to get the marksman emblem set. Increasing Miya damage while dealing massive damage to the enemy tanky hero.

Any Assassin Elf: Prefer Karina


You only need one between Karina or Selena. This is so that you can immediately get the Elf emblem set and gain the massive splash damage to kill the enemy range user. Karina is more preferable because of her ability to tank basic attack with her elusiveness skill



One of the core item in the build. Your team will be almost invincible if you are using Estes. Mainly because of his ability to heal everything. Your team is already tanky because of the Guardian massive 100 armor boost, with Estes heal they will almost be unkilable.

Core Item:

Demon Shoes:


For: Estes, Belerick, Diggie, or Karina
Reason: Estes can heal quickly, Belerick can use his stun easily, Diggie can deal more damage, Karina can be Assassin/tank

Haas Claw:


For: Miya
Reason: This will increase Miya damaging ability while healing her. A really good item especially in the late game

Demon Hunter Sword:


For: Miya
Reason: Increasing her overall damage even for a tanky enemy.

Blade of Despair


For: Miya
Reason: Increasing her damage for easy kill

Enchanted Talisman:


For: Estes, and Belerick
Reason: Estes can heal quickly, increasing other defense and magical defense overall in the early game. Belerick can deal more damage and can stun the enemy more quickly

Marksman Emblem:

For: Any Hero Aside for Miya or Marksman
Reason: This will activate the marksman emblem set, increasing the damage dealt with the enemy overall for marksman. One of the core item overall.

Why use this combo:

Reason: This combo is perfect because of their ability to tank the ranged hero in the back. While Miya as the core damage dealer deals massive damage. Additionally, because of the splash damage, Miya will be able to kill the back paper-thin hero easily.

If you are up against assassins’ hero, Miya will be able to defend with the help of diggie that is also buff with Guardian buff +100Armor. Which is why this is definitely one of the best sets right now!


There you have it. The guardian elf build and core item + hero that you need to have to make this build work. Hopefully this build will be able to let you go up to Mythical glory. Anyway, thank you for reading have a nice day!

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