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Wan – Wan is one of the most used Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends right now. Mainly because of her ability to deal damage while running away. Using her basic attack will give her the ability to jump away from the enemies. Making her harder to kill while she is damaging her enemies.

She has the ability to stun by using her first skill, anti-cc by using her second skill and lastly become invincible for a little while by using her ultimate. Of course, with these skill sets everybody will want to use her.

However, recently it is just known that there is some issue. Because it is just recently known that there is a bug on this marksman. Where the user will be able to use the item passive without even having the item.


It means that she is able to use an effect like “Demon Hunter Sword” which gives additional damage based on the enemy max health without using her item slot. In Mobile Legends, the user only has 6 item slots, with this bug, she is able to have any item effect, even Athena Shield, shield without even using the item slot, or Immortality without using the slot.

The bug is first released by a Mobile Legends Youtuber called Hororo Chan, but the person didn’t let us know how to activate the bug. Based on how OP this bug alone, we advise you to banned Wan – Wan in a ranked match.

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