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Aside from WhatsApp, it seems like Google also wants to join the bandwagon on the dark mode feature. Recently, Google had released a new update regarding the dark Play Store. For those of you that want the dark Play store all the time, instead of only when your phone has dark mode enable, you can use the Google play store option to do just that.


User will be able to see the theme setting in the Play Store, which allow the user to switch Play store between light, dark, and automatic modes. However, currently, the feature is limited to a server-side test, and it is only available on some devices. There is no APK version that enables everyone to use the dark mode (at least not yet).

The report stated that currently only Android 10 phones have access to this theme, and it is not known clearly if the Android version below the 10 will be able to use this feature. Either way, this is a feature to play with.

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