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Taking about 3000 or more victims around the world, the Corona virus epidemic is currently one of the most feared for many people! We are trying to find a cure, but it is not easy. Which is why, the best-case scenario right now is to prevent it from infecting you. See the WHO official site for coronavirus prevention.

Right now, there are some countries that are using a travel warning sign as one of their method to prevent corona virus spreading across the world. But not only that, we can see which country that had already been detected to be infected with the virus and how many people are infected with this app below. Check it out!

Android Apps to detect Coronavirus

1. Corona 100m

This app is developed by a Korean named Bae Won Seok, where he invented an app called Corona 100m. This app can be installed straight from google play store, and since it’s released it has been one of the most downloaded app in South Korea. It is not surprising since South Korea is currently the second country where the virus infected the most.

2. Close Contact Detector

Not wanting to lose with South Korea, China also made their own corona virus detector called close contact detector. This app is being developed by CETC with the government where user will be able to immediately know if a person is detected by corona virus or not. This app is also used by the public transportation driver and rider to know if they had been infected or not.

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3. Xiaomi XiaoAI

Last but not least, the Xiaomi XiaoAI is an AI made by Xiaomi, like Siri or Google as a phone assistant. Because their country, China has one of the worst cases of Corona virus, the company made a shortcut called Real-Time Pnemonia Epidemic to get an up to date news regarding the coronavirus, and how far the epidemic has spread.

Regardless this app will mostly give you information regarding the virus that had been spread across the country. Most of the app is not available on Google play store since there has been a banned regarding the misinformation on the epidemic. This app is currently only available in their home country.

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