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If you have been seeing the latest Freya revamp on Mobile legends then you will know that the hero is so OP with the item Windtalker. Sadly, the bug is now fixed in the Advanced server so there won’t be any boost in the item Windtalker and Freya passive in the original server.

For those that don’t know about the Freya revamp bug. If you use the item Windtalker passive which is to give added magic damage based on her attack speed combine with her passive where she will get a maximum attack speed bonus each time she uses her skill. Her damage will be amplified because of both passive corresponded with each other, dealing huge damage each time the passive is activated even in the early game.

Players even build her as a  skill-based hero with Windtalker, reducing her cooldown by 40% to use this combination or even a windtalker/tank build hero that uses only windtalker as her main damage dealing item in the game because of her damage bug. Players also think that this is a legal bug since Moonton didn’t seem to do anything after this bug is released, and it is going to be released in the original server as it is.

However, in the last update of the advance server, Moonton had fixed the problem of this bug and users won’t be able to use the combination of both passive to deal massive damage to their enemies. So for those that want to try this bug, don’t, because it won’t work anymore!

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