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Nowadays, it is a bit hard to meet others, share your passion, write letters, and connect with the other person personally or heart to heart. Most people simply use the dating app for fun, to meet up with other people casually and then lost contact after a while.

But don’t you miss the connection, where you can share your passion with the other person, talk with an open feeling, and speak your mind in the old way? Well, if so, you should definitely check out an app called Slowly.

Slowly is an app that you can use to meet your pen friends with your smartphone. The app will match you according to your set preferences and passion. So you will be able to connect with anyone around the world that have the same interest as you.

In simpler terms, it is a chat messenger with a little bit of tinder experience. You can write to your matched person with similar preferences and then chat with one another if they are interested. The most interesting feature about this app is that, the ability to send a message like the old way (not the digital way). Where you will need to wait for a little while to send and get the message that you want depending on the distance between you and the recipient.

Of course, this means that the message that you will get is usually longer. Since both users will need to wait for a little time before able to chat, so they will want to put in as much information as they wanted and ask the other person. The conversation will get going this way.

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IMO, this app is really unique and it really lets you feel as though you are chatting with close friends, waiting for them to reply. I really like this app easy to use interface, and the user will be able to make their own unique avatar to chat with the other person, before mutually wanted to exchange their own picture. There are also a bunch of different types of customization that you can use to describe your face, so user will still be able to have a little bit of idea what the person you are chatting with looks.

Anyway, this app is really great for those that wanted to connect with other person the old way. I really recommended you guys to use this especially since lock down because of the epidemic is really bad for now.

If you are interested in the app. Simply click on the link below to download it!

App Rating : SLOWLY - Connect to the World! (free)
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