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Recently, it is known that Mobile Legends had release a new hero called Yi in the advanced server. Yi is the new Mage hero of Mobile Legends with a really complicated mechanics. She can be used as a support hero, a damage dealer, a crowd controller, and lastly a debuffer. Basically, another really OP hero by Moonton.

This hero is much like Lunox but with a twist. Where user will be able to change their form into either light or dark. Yi however use the term of Yin and Yang. However, unlike Lunox, user will be able to change her form at ease with a simple skill click. Her damage is dealt with a combination of both Yin and Yang. Where if you want to stun the enemies, you will need to first touch the skill with a Yang form (Dark) and then hit it with the Yin form (Light) to activate it, and then it will stun the enemy for a little while.

She has 4 active skills that can be used with a passive skill that complement with each other as you can see in the image above. Each hit of your skill will mark the target, and you will need to change your form to activate another set of skill. In a simpler term here is the description of each skill:

  • Overturn: Change your form to either Yin or Yang.
  • Dispersion: Throw the energy of Yin or Yang and damage the enemy hero. Every hit will mark the enemy.
  • Rotation: Make an area of Yin or Yang, give damage and slow to enemy hero for 5s.
  • Diversion (Ultimate) : Arrival but anywhere and you will be able to take your friends too.
  • Duality (Passive) : Each time you marks an enemy with Yin or Yang, You will be able to deal crowd control like stun, and gain shield and added movement speed for 1s.

Yi is a really complicated hero because you will need to change your form each time you deal damage to make use of her passive. You can pull the enemy toward the other by using her passive, and slow them down to deal debuff.

Her ultimate can be used to surprise and ganked the enemies. She is definitely a huge OP addition to Mobile Legends. However, you will need to make use of her skill overall and her mana consumption might be really huge. Depending on how you use her and her build she can be the worst Mobile Legends Nightmare.

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