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The world is panicking with the COVID-19 but you still needs to works. Especially for students around the country. Well, recently it is known that because of the epidemic, people have been #WorkFromHome or #SocialDistancing to reduce the risk of being infected.

This also applies to students, where most schools are now using online study. Google Classroom apps is one of the leading apps to continue their study. Making it one of the top free downloaded apps in Google Play in some countries.

Google Classroom is used for social distancing in some countries

Despite the low rating, Google Classroom is a free app that can be used to connect to make an online school session. Users will be able to use it to create classes, distribute assignments and communicate easily within the app.

Nowadays, most people already has Google email account which is the only requirement to use this app. They will be able to connect to their designated classroom easily. It is pretty useful in this case to practice social distancing.

Hopefully, the epidemic will clear up fast and we will be able to cure more people that is infected. But before that, please take care of yourself, and wash your hands.

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