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Everybody has been in that situation, where you wanted to take a group photo but not one people want to take the picture. A lot of reason is the stupid ones like, “I look ugly in the front” or something like “I look chubby in the front” and etc. When you say “Put on a timer” the image turns out uglier than expected.

Dude, Buy a selfie sticks then!

Thankfully though, there is an app that can help you take a picture easily without having to afford for a selfie sticks in a group photo called “Say Cheese”

The video above summarize the whole idea of Say cheese. Where users will be able to connect 2 phones that already has the app and use it to take a picture in a long distance. The process is really easy, have 2 phones, download and install the app. Connect with one another and then use it to take the picture. (Note: You will also need to give the access of Storage, Media (Camera), and Location).

I really recommend you guys to check out this app if you had trouble with your friends being a little bit demanding to take a picture when you don’t really want to. Or you got a good reason because “Your angle in the picture, while you are the one that is taking the picture, is bad” or something like that. then use this.

The download size is only 3 MB which is nice, you don’t need to use the internet also to take the picture (Hence the location permission settings) and it is really easy to use. Although there might be some problem, because it is still on early access, but until this article is being released. I haven’t found any problem… yet.

Anyway, shout out to Franco Yoav that makes this app, and me not having to be another person selfie sticks anymore. Thank you so much for reading this review, I will see you guys on the next review.

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App Rating : Say Cheese (Free)

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