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Recently, Mobile Legends released a new tank hero called Atlas. The hero is so OP! It is mostly banned in the ranked match epic to mythic rank. This is because Atlas can tank any incoming damage without even using a proper tank build.

His passive is used to gain Physical and Magical defense from 64 – 120 each when Frigid breath is active. Meaning that every time he uses his skills, he gains 64 – 120 defense.  If you think about it, It is the same as 4 Physical and Magical defense items without even using one of the item slots.

The worst part about this is that he still has 3 OP skills that can be used to annoy his enemies. The first skill can slow and deal damage. The Second skill can be used as an Anti-CC. Lastly, his Ultimate can be used to pull and slam the enemy down in a designated choice.

If you think that the reason above is not enough, there are also things like the slow from frigid breath passive skill that makes slow down any enemies in the area. This will then help the damage dealer from Atlas team to easily kill you while you’re struggling to your death.

What do you guys think about Atlas in general? Have you guys tried him?

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