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After the marksman META that is happening in Season 14 and 15 of Mobile Legends. The META finally changes to a more disturbing and OP META, which is the Support META. Aside from being ridiculous, this META does works especially in the early game. People are picking support hero like Diggie and Nana as their main, and event go so far as banning Diggie in the ranked match to avoid the META.

The way this meta works is by using the formation of 1 3 1. Where 2 support will support the damage dealer in the middle and roam around in the game. Aside from the damage dealer, other will need to buy Roaming item, and making sure that all of exp and gold are given to the damage dealer. Ironically, Uranus the tank is used in this META not as a tanker but as an offlaner in either top or bottom lane.

Afterwards, arm both support, Diggie and Nana with Flameshot to slow down the enemies. The other should be either a marksman that will kill in the late game, or another offlaner that can defense the lane either in the top or bottom lane.

This will ensure the damage dealer being fat, while they are roaming around helping their friends in either top or bottom lane. Of course, it is easier said than done since you will need to coordinate with your friends to do your job well. But they do work well if it is being used.

Have you guys encounter the Support META in your ranked match? If so, how was it?

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