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If you by chance are looking for a way to mirror your phone to record your game content or anything on your phone to your PC then I really recommended that you guys check out a program called Scrypy.

Scrypy is an application that provides a display or even control of your android devices connected on USB to your PC. It doesn’t require you to have any root access, and it works on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

This program is really perfect for those that don’t have a PC that can withstand more heavyweight programs to screen or mirror your phone. It is really easy to use and the quality of the mirrored screen is also really good too (1920×1080 or above).

In my case, I have a Pocophone F1 without root and a Laptop, HP-14-an004AU with processor AMD A8-7410, and it works fine without any problem. The program has its own built-in recording feature so that you are able to use it without any 3rd party apps.

You only need to open up your phone > go to developer settings > click on the USB Debugging > connect your phone to your PC while opening your Scrypy > Click OK from on your phone.

This software works for android devices from 5.0 above. Sadly, for the older version, you might want to check out another app or software that could be used to mirror your phone. There are also many feature in the program that you can use to make your life easier.

Anyway, there’s nothing more that could be said about this app.

If you are interested, try it now on your own. You can download it on GitHub in the link here.

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