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Recently, Moonton released a new hero called Yi in the advance server. Yi, the overly complicated hero with 2 forms, Yin and Yang. Yi has an unique ability to debuff, deal massive damage, be a support hero and many more in the game. Thankfully, Yi is going to be free as part of the 515 events.

According to one of the Mobile Legends leakers, the event will take place on 25 April – 25 May 2020. The Players that joined the events will get some free premium items like MCL tickets, Fragments, and many more including the hero Yi. The detail of the event according to the leaker is:

  • 9 May: Log in and get 2000 Party Ticket (The currency of the event).
  • 16 May: Log in and get the new mage hero Yi for Free.
  • 23 May: Log in and join the event to get a free elite skin in the game.

For those that are interested in what Yi can do, then check out her skill sets on “Mobile Legends Yi – Yin Yang Geomancer with A Really Complicated Skill Sets!”  With a huge range and a powerful skill sets, she is definitely one of the good mage, so definitely log in on the day to get her for free!

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