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Flameshot has been one of the newest and most popular spells in Mobile Legends. It got huge damage, slow, and of course the annoying knockback that can render most blink useless. However, on the next update, Moonton is going to nerf this spell.

Moonton will nerf the damage of the close-range shot and the slow of the spell. Where it will only be 50% of the original damage previously on the original server. The slow will also be nerfed from 1s to 0.5s in the next patch update.

This nerf is given by Moonton so that users will be able to choose whether they wanted to do a knockback attack from the melee range shot or the long-range shot with more damage. Mainly because the spell is currently so OP that it is used in not only mage but also tank and support because of the high damage overall.

And of course, this nerf will impact the current META with a tank that uses this spell to deal more damage, especially in the early game. But what do you guys think about this overall?

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