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Live streaming is probably one of the most favorite entertainment to watch on the Internet. The personality and traits of every gamer that you watch are the best sorts of entertainment nowadays. Since Corona virus is making us work from home, bored from outside.

Currently, there are some platforms that already released a live-streaming service such as Youtube Gaming and Twitch. It seems that Facebook also wants to get on the bandwagon. Facebook is going to make an app called Facebook gaming that will house gaming content on Facebook in the app.

Previously, Facebook has made a live streaming service on their website, however, it seems that they wanted to make a separate app for gaming content so their users will be able to focus on the stream that they watch.

Facebook gaming

The app is said to be released on 20 April 2020. Not only the game stream, but there will also be some mini games that can be played in the app. Facebook will also give some ads for the creator, this means that the creator can earn some money by live streaming in the apps. Facebook Gaming is going to be one of the best source of gaming content in the next few years!

Source: The Verge

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