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Previously, it has been leaked that Mobile Legends next newest hero after Luo Yi is going to be a fighter. However, it is not known about the hero skills and abilities, at least until now. Because of one of the advanced server updates.

There are many people that are still a little bit confused about the hero. So today we will give you a detailed explanation of the hero, Chong the Black Dragon!

Chong is going to be a fighter hero that is going to have 2 forms. However, his form is not like Selena that change whenever she wanted, but it is going to be his ultimate that can be used as a super Saiyan mode on the match. After his ultimate, he is going to have a huge buff to most of his skills. His skills are:

  • Skill 1 (Dragon Tail): Chong will infuse his power into his cloak and turns it into a weapon. After a short delay, the cloak starts to attack nearby enemies and deal physical damage in the area. The area in the center will take more damage.
  • Skill 2 (Soul Grip): Chong will unleash the dragon soul, dealing with physical damage to all enemies in the front and slowing them. Chong can drag enemies hit by the dragon soul towards himself through his movement. Upon contacting with Chong, enemies will be stunned and slightly knocked back.
  • Skill 3 (Furious dive): Chong leaps toward the designated location with his full strength and deals damage. after a short delay, enemies caught in the area of effect will be knocked airborne and take additional physical damage.
  • Ultimate (Black Dragon Form): Chong transforms into a black dragon form and starts charging. While he is in the black dragon form. He ignores terrain and enemy attacks. Knockback enemies on the path, and when Chong returns to his human form, the remaining influence of the black dragon will improve the range of all Chong’s skills
  • Passive (Cursing Touch): Chong applies Sha essence to the target every time he does damage. upon reaching a certain number of stacks, Sha Essences erupts, dealing physical damage based on the target HP lost periodically until all sha essence are consumed. Chong gains bonus movement speed when there are enemy heroes affected by Sha essence around him. If the enemy with Sha Essense dies, Chong will restore his HP

Chong is probably going to be the next OP hero since he has the ability to ignore damage. Stun, Knockback, Knockup, and of course heal after killing the enemies. it is like a free assassins emblem without even using one. His ability to deal damage based on lost health will also do great damage to the enemies.

But what do you guys think about Chong overall? Will he be one of the META heroes next?

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