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Layla is one of the oldest marksman in Mobile Legends. Layla is a good marksman, but the lack of mobility makes her one of the worst marksman in Mobile Legends. There are many others hero that can do more, which is why she is kinda forgotten.

Now, she is rumored to have a revamp soon. There has been a survey online regarding the revamp and the design that is leaked by their players.

As you can see in the image above, the design is going to change her weapon to a lot more cooler design. It also seems to have an update on her overall sprites which makes her likable than before. Personally, I love the revamped version rather than the old one because it is more anime-like.

Moonton hasn’t spoken anything about the Layla revamp overall. But, because of the leaked design and survey, it seems like Moonton is really going to released this revamp in the next few updates.

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