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Luo Yi the newest mage that is going to be free in the 515 events is the newest mage heroes of Mobile Legends. However, it seems like her skill is best suited as a support rather than a mage in general. Especially since Moonton decided to nerf her skills.

The nerf affects most of her skill including her abilities to easily change her form, and lastly her ability to deal more damage with the same marks.

Now, Moonton literally makes her as a support hero rather than a mage that kills her enemies. Most of her abilities are a support type that teleports her allies everywhere she wants and to pull and stun her enemies. She doesn’t have any abilities to lane alone, and the ability to kill her enemies with ease (Maybe if you are pro at using her).

Still, she is a free hero and everyone will get her if they log in at 16 May according to the 515 events updates.

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