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Miya, Zilong, and Eudora are the next heroes that will be getting a revamp. In the advance server, the patch update for the 3 heroes has been released and we can see how cool they are on the video below.

Revamp Miya as you can see above is based on her character “Moonlight Archer”. This revamp will give her second and passive skills a massive boost. Where her abilities as a whole will change based on her skills.

  • Turbo (Passive): Gives her stacks that will increase her attack speed. This effect caps at 5 stacks and after reaching full stacks, each Miya basic attack will summons Moonlight Shadow to aid her attack that will follow each attack.
  • Rain of Arrow (Second skills): The arrow rained will be almost immediate. Afterward, each enemy hit with the arrow will get a bar that if hit by Miya arrows 8 times will get immobilized.

This revamps actually changed her gameplay a bit. Her ability to deal more damage with her passive is really good, plus Moonton gives her a CC now.

Revamp Eudora is more to her passive rather than her overall skills. Every time she hits her enemies with skills, enemies will gain an effect called superconductor, and if she hits her enemy again with another skill. The skills will get upgraded. For example, Skill 1 will get another damage after a short delay (kinda like a time bomb), skill 2 will get split and stun other enemies nearby, and skill ultimate will get additional damage that will deal massive damage in the area near the enemy.

Lastly, Revamp Zilong is a little bit sad out of the 3 revamps. They only changed his passive and second skill, and it is not even good in my opinion. They his passive will be changed to every 3 times attack, his next basic attack will deal flurry of damage if he uses his ultimate this will be changed from 3 to 2 times attack. His second skill will now be a nontargeted skill and users can speed past the wall by using this ability. There is not much changed that you can see in him overall.

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