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Luo Yi is going to be one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends. She can stun, slow, and teleport his teammates to ganked her enemies. This is why she is the best support in the game. However, not many people know how to build her, so as always I will give you guys little tips on how to build Luo Yi as the best hero in the game!

Mobile Legends Luo Yi

Item Build

Support build

Support build is to maximize the effect of her passive. In this build, she will need Mana, Cooldown reduction, added slow effect, and of course durability to survive in the match longer.

Luo Yi Item Build

  • Demon Shoes: She will need mana to deal damage in the long run. Which is why this is the best shoes for her.
  • Ice queen wands: Between the mark change’s after each skill used. There will be a delay of 1s, Slow effect can be used to reduce the opponents’ movement speed and with it you can pull the enemies twice in one war. This is one of the core items for her and ultimately one of the best items for Luo Yi since her skills will be more annoying now.
  • Clock of Destiny: Increase health, mana, and of course magic damage overall. I use this item to give her more durability in the early game and in the late game damage. You can change this item later on with Blood wings for more damage.
  • Fleeting Time: Nothing more can be said with this item but to reduce the effects of her ultimate so that she can teleport to her enemies faster and help her allies
  • Glowing wand: The added burn will increase the slow effect put on the enemies. Plus you might get kills and your damage and health will increase with this item.
  • Immortality: To survive and be more annoying, you will need this item. Plus Luo yi can use her ultimate before dying, die, revive, and get teleport back to her base with this item.

Damage build

Damage build Luo Yi can be used to kill her enemies early game. However, it is not advised to use this build in the late game since she lacks damage in the late game. You will need to play her aggressively in the early game, use your ultimate, help your allies, and kill them early on.

Luo Yi Item Build

  • Demon Shoes: For more mana to use her skills so that she can spam skill 1 more
  • Calamity Reaper: This item is your go-to, core item in the game. Each time you use your first skill the passive of true damage will be activated and your basic attack will deal more damage. In the early game, this item is a must so that you can kill more people easily
  • Holy Crystal: To boost your damage by using calamity Reaper and of course to increase your overall magic damage by using the skills.
  • Clock of Destiny: Increase your damage and overall survive-ability in the game. The added 5% in the late game can’t be taken lightly
  • Ice queen Wand: The later much-needed item to slow your enemies. This is to ensure your enemies can’t run in the late game and help as a support/damage dealer.
  • Genius Wand: This item can be used to deal more damage in the late game. Luo Yi can also help the magic damage allies dealing more damage to tank by reducing their magic defense by using this item.

Hopefully, this build will be able to help you in anyway. There are of course so many builds that you can choose from, but for me personally. I used this build and it works well.

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