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If you are a tank user then you might now that the META use in Mobile Legends now is roaming META. Tank users are forced to follow and babysit the mid laner, roam around, and killing minions or jungle for gold and exp.

As a tanker, your role is to take damage when you roam with your friends, however, it can be a little bit hard especially in the early – mid game where you will need to follow the other person while not being able to go back and heal. Thankfully, there is an item that could help you called “Sky Guardian Helmet

It may be a stretch to call this item the best item for tank roamer, but it really will help you especially in the team fight. The reason why tanker dies is that when they got into a fight, they don’t have enough health to tank other damage from taking the damage of the jungle monster in the lane.

This is why Sky Guardian Helmet is the best item for tank roamer, with it you don’t need to go back and heal up, because the passive will heal you up anyway.

This will help you get a full health every time you went into a fight so that you can tank more damage, which is perfect for the current META that roams around without ever touching the fountain again.

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