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Murderous Pursuit is a game that is developed by NetEase. It is a Victorian-style stealth game, where users will need to hide and kill the other players in a game of hiding and seek. There will be various things that could help you win the game from flash bang, pie bomb and many more. The game is both funny and fun, which is perfect for those that want a casual game to play.

Murderous Pursuit is out now on both android and iOS. If you are interested in the game, here is How to download the game!


For android, since you can download the apk. It is very easy to download the game and play it on your phone!


For iOS users, you will need to create a Thailand account by using this tip here. Use any Thailand Phone number if you don’t have one.

  • Search Murderous Pursuit in your App store
  • If you can’t find one, you will need to change your app store country to Thailand.
  • Sign out from your account
  • Create a new account with Thailand as your country
  • Search for Murderous Pursuit game and then download it.
  • Afterward, you can log in to your previous account and play it.

If you still don’t understand how to change your app store country then check out this video below:


Hopefully, with this tip you will be able to play the game. This game is so much fun to play with your friends, and i really hope that it can be big like the previous NetEase game.

If you are interested in playing together, hit me up or add me on the game “jaysons” to play together!

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