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Finally, the long-awaited revamp is going to happen in the next Mobile Legends update. Heroes like Vale, Saber, Layla Gatot Kaca, and lastly Alucard are rumored to have a revamp soon.

This is one of the best news for old Mobile Legends players. Especially because of the Alucard revamp, for those that don’t know Alucard is one of the most feared fighters in its days, the way he can get into a fight and out with full health is his feared power in the day.

However, because of the burst damage and crowd control META, he lacks the ability to kill his enemies without dying. Now he is just a hero nicknamed as Alufeed.

But there hasn’t been any information regarding the revamped skill and the design overall. But we can expect a good one since we do know that Eudora and Miya are already revamped in the advanced server and both have pretty good damage overall. Hopefully, the revamp won’t disappoint us all.

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