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If you are searching for a good game then I really recommend you guys to check out a game called Murderous Pursuit by NetEase. It is originally a PC game on steam, but NetEase decides to port into Mobile for Android and iOS. Here is the review of the game.

Murderous Pursuit – Victorian Style Killing game


In this game, you are an assassin that tasked to kill someone on the map. Your goal is to go unnoticed while killing your target. The twist is you also has your own killer that will follow you around the game. The game starts with your picked character in a random location, after that you are free to roam around when you are in the game.

But, there is an exposure bar that if you roam around without acting like an NPC, you will get exposed by the game and other players will notice you. Either their killer or their quarry (victim) in the game. Exposure also determines the rewards that you will get by killing or bitch slapping the target at the end.

Which is why you will need to take care if you want to be the number 1 killer in the game.

Skills and Items

This game is not a character-based game. While the character in the game has their own skins and stuff, they do not provide a significant change to the game play. They are only for cosmetic items that don’t do anything aside from changing the appearance of the character.

There are many things that you can use to help you in the game such as items and skills. Items can be found in the game by using a chest, however, for skills users will need to level themselves and unlock it. Take a note, after level 10 or so all of the skills will be unlocked and it is pretty easy to get to that point.

There are skills like reveal that could let you know which one is the killer and quarry. Disguise that can change your appearance, counter to attack the enemies if they attack you, and many more. Depending on your skills, you are able to kill and strategize yourself for either offense or defense in the game.

Items can be game-changing, there are currently 4 items in the game. Start from Pie bomb that can be used as a trap to kill the killer and quarries, God eyes to see who is who, Immunity, and lastly flash bomb that can be use to stun Quarry and the Killers.

Plenty of Modes to Choose from

In Murderous Pursuit, you are able to choose many game play modes that are available. If you are playing in the quick game, there are Classics that is always available, team hunt, capture the stronghold, crown game, free for all, and VIP Escorts. Each game has their specific own sets of rule.

  • Classics: Kill quarry, and bitch slap the killers. Each round will eliminate 1 players until they have 4 players that will fight to get the winner.
  • Team hunt: Same as Classics but in a team fight.
  • Stronghold: Take an area and then stay until you get 100%, the enemies can kill you though.
  • Crown game: Take the crown, you will get exposed until you get 100% or until the time is up. This is a team game so you guys will need to compete with one another.
  • Vip Escorts: Same as the crown game, but you won’t get exposed. The VIP person will get chosen randomly each time one dies. You will need to stay alive and protect the VIP.
  • Free to play: All players can kill one another without any limitation. No slap.


Surprisingly, the control is pretty good, and since you need to stay still most of the time, you won’t need to do a 360 no scope like maneuver in the game. You can also change the setting of the game using the settings. It is pretty easy to understand.

This game is perfect for those that want to play nice multiplayer games on your phone. It is a casual 5 minutes game with a good game play.

If you are interested in the game, definitely check it out on Android and iOS. If you want to download and play it but don’t know-how, you can check out our article on how to download the game.

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