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Balancing is pretty much what we get in every game. It is basically a way for the devs to make a tiny bit of change so that their game can be safe from people’s rage quitting all the time because of unfairness in the game mechanics. In the recent patch update of Mobile Legends, they decide to nerf the most popular core item for most Marksman and Fighter which is the Endless Battle.

The nerf will affect its passive skills that deal true damage every time the users use a skill. Previously it was 70% in the next update it will be reduced to 60%.

Not only that, Moonton also decided to nerf its life steal effect. People have been using Endless battle as their core life-stealing item that can be used to survive in the battle because of the added 15% life steal effect, with the nerf we will only get 10% life steal effect in the next update.

Endless Battle Nerf Will affect both Marksman and Fighter!

Based on my assumption, the nerf that they are going for is because of the recent revamp of Yi-Sun-Shin that is going to live soon, and Karrie overall. We all know that Karrie is one of the most OP marksman in Mobile Legends and dominate the fight with one of her core items in the early game Endless battle. Yi Sun-Shin will also be using that item because of the revamp that will make him immune and can spam skills in the next update.

Heroes like Thamuz and also Freya from the fighter role will also be affected because of this nerf. Both heroes use Endless battle as their core item, both hero have a short skill cooldown which means that they can spam and attack their opponents, maximizing the true damage of endless battle and becoming one of the worst heroes to deal with especially in the early game. Life steal also help them survive more battle in the game, giving them chances to heal while dealing damage.

Regardless, we may need to adjust our build in the next update. Maybe add another life steal item such as haas claw for Fighter, or even Wings of Apocalypse Queen for marksman.

Either way, what do you think about this update? Will it change our build?

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