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It seems like the newest Silvanna Mobile Legends skin that is called “Midnight Justice” is one of the limited skins that can only be obtained through an event on Mobile legends. So you will ask what event it is? Well, it is called Midnight Summoning. As stated by their patch note update on the advance server.

Players will be able to buy this skin with a full price or use this event to have a “chance” on getting Silvanna skins below 599 Diamond. Basically a discount event for people that main her, so that they can buy her skin at a lower price.

According to the patch note, it is the same as legends encore skins. The first time you draw her, it will be free, and the price will go up gradually. If you are a really unlucky person, don’t worry because, at the 8th draw, it is guaranteed by Moonton that you will get the skin.

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The price will be no more than 599, so basically it is a win-win situation since there will be many free items like Rare Fragments, BP Card, EXP cards, and many more that will be included in the draw.

Regardless, if you are interested in this event, I suggest that you have 599 diamonds on your account because we know that Moonton won’t be giving out the skins below that unless you are a lucky person.

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