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Esmeralda is one of the best mage/tanks in Mobile Legends. She is probably one of the most feared enemies! She can tank a lot of damage while dealing huge amount of damage to her enemies.

The worst part about her is that if her users are really good at playing, she will be unstoppable. Which is why many people fear her in Mobile Legends.

Now, if you want to master Esmeralda but you don’t know how to build her then you are in luck because today we will give you some tips and tricks on how to use her in rank match!



Esmeralda is an early game monster. Her huge damage, her ability to immobile her enemies, and also her shield works really well in the early game. She can come and go as she please. If you can’t win in the early game, she won’t be able to do anything 99% in the late game.

She mustn’t be targeted especially in the late game because of the burst damage. You will need to play her aggressively so that you are able to kill most enemies with ease in the late game. Farm, farm, and farm that is the best Esmeralda guide that we can give you!

Item Build:

  • Beast Killer: One of Esmeralda’s core items for being an aggressive killer. This item will help you survive more, especially in the early game. This will ensure you get a good amount of exp while juggling and laning. Buy the 2nd of this item and then buy the next tier after your 3rd or 4th item depending on the situation you will sell this in the late game.
  • Magic Shoes: Because of buff, you might not need any more mana, which is why Magic shoes are better than demon boots that heal mana. With these shoes, you are able to use your skills 2 and skill 1 continuously without having any problem at all. (as long as you have mana).
  • Calamity Reaper: One of the core items for Esmeralda. Esmeralda has a really low cooldown which means that the passive of this item will be available to you at any time. Calamity also lets you regen your mana and give you a good ammount of cooldown reduction. With blue buff and Magic shoes, you will have almost 40% CD Reduction!
  • Feather of Heaven: Since Esmeralda can do 2 damage in one attack (Basic attack) this will ensure her enemies die easily, because of its passive. Feather of heaven can also be use to give her enemies more shield for her to absorb because of her first skill.
  • Holy Crystal: For dealing huge burst damage especially in the late game. You can target enemies Marksman and kill them easily.
  • Genius Wand: In the late game where most enemies had bought Magic defense this is your go-to item to deal more damage. Demon tears can also be used however because in the late game most users had burst damage, and since Demon tears need more than 60% of your health to function it might be a little hard to do. Which is why Genius wand is the best choice!
  • Wings of Apocalypse Queen: The most useful defense item for her in the late game. Sells beast killer in the late game and exchange this for her. This item will let you be both tanky. Only go in, in the late game when you had its passive item lit. This item will reduce your cooldown, so that you can spam your skill without even having the cooldown buff anymore.


I really hope that you can get your rank up with Esmeralda. She is really fun to play and pretty easy to understand. If you got any problem or question that you want to ask, please comment below!

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