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Do you have any problem with your sleep schedule? Is it a whack? Do you find yourself wandering your thought on 3AM everyday when you should be sleeping?

Well, say no more, maybe you need a help, or maybe you need an app called Sleep Sounds! It is a one an only sleeping apps on android that will help you get a high quality sleep for a more productive tomorrow!

Let’s drop the act now, the app works well for those that have insomnia. I have a trouble sleeping, because of games i am playing all the time. Everyday i sleep at 5 AM and then wake up at 2 PM for work.

Thankfully, thanks to the work from home policy I don’t really need to have a good schedule to make money but I know that it is not healthy and i need to change something. This is why I downloaded this app.

Honestly, i don’t expect anything about this app at first. Mainly because i am a bit skeptical on how else can a single app let you sleep well, but I am wrong!

The app will help you sleep well. You see i am the type of person that need a calming sound to sleep, but when i put on a music it is too loud and i can’t set a timer on it. However, with this app you can do it, this app let you generate any type of calming sound that will help you sleep.

You can also set a timer to turn it off anytime you want without touching anything, thus helping you safe your phone battery. You can also customize what type of sounds you want to hear when you sleep which helps really well.

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This app is free to use but contains a little bit of ads and in-app purchase. If you have a trouble sleeping this is definitely an app for you!

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