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It seems that Moonton wants to change our prejudice of them going around and just giving new OP heroes to their players. Because recently, they have been going around making sure that everybody is happy especially for those that are pushing the TOP GLOBAL of the previous hero by revamping them.

This revamp festival has been going around for some time now, for example saber that will get a huge buff on his burst damage!

The revamp will affect his first and second skill. His first skill will release 5 blades that will move around him, and if you attack the enemy the blade will shots towards his enemy and deal more damage overall.

If you combine it with his ultimate, the damage will double and he will deal a good amount of damage dealt with his enemy in the early game after reaching level 4.

Not only that, his second skill will also get another buff that is pretty much a free endless battle. Each time you use his dash skills, his damage will double and get enhanced damage to deal more damage. If you combine it with endless battle, his ability to kill, and dash are so OP.

Well, hopefully, this revamp can change his damage overall, and make him OP to be in the current META.

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