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Mobile Legends released a new hero that is free to use, and  Luo Yi users have been popping out here and there. However, there are many people that still don’t understand how to use her. So today we will give you guys a little tips on the newest mage/support hero Luo Yi for you to win more games with her.

1. Understand her combos


Understand that her combos come from her passive skills. Basically, every time she uses her skills, she will put a mark on her enemies that are hit, either light or dark. If 2 marks of the different one come close to one another they will get pulled. Her second skill is a skill where she will put a mark on the ground and with this, she can pull a target to a specific location of her choosing.

Her combos will be, put a mark, either light or dark to her enemies with her first skill. Afterward, use the opposite mark of her second skill in the location of your choosing. With it, you will pull her enemies to the location. It will also stun them and prevent them from running away.

2. Build a debuff item

Luo Yi Item Build

Currently, there is 3 debuff item that you can get with Luo Yi. It will maximize her skills, but the first thing that you will need is to get the ice queen wands. This will help you slow down any enemies that you want to pick a fight with.

Luo Yi actually didn’t have any damage at all, especially in the late game. This is why her main ability, in my opinion, is her support ability to pull, stun, debuff, and teleport in a certain location to help the teams.

So with a slow, she will not only help the team but can also be more annoying to deal with. You can also get our full build on the link here!

3. Teleport to a bush

Most people already know this, but if you teleport there will be a mark in the map. However, if you teleport yourself to a bush, your mark will be hidden and you can ambush your enemies with ease. It can also help you if you teleport yourself to a place that your enemies won’t notice as you can see in the image above.

4. Combos with a burst damage hero

There are many ways to use Luo Yi, but the most important thing is to kill the enemies backline with her ultimate and other combos. Which is why, use her to ambush the enemies in the backline by using her teleport, and then use a hero like Badang, Kadita or even Harley that can target enemy marksman to kill them easily.

5. Don’t panic, Prepare!

Most Luo Yi users, when they are using the new hero got panicked in the worst-case situation. So they either spam their skills or wait to be killed. Do note that every time your passive pull an enemy, you are able to get a shield that can save you in a dire situation.

So be prepare, keep calm, keep one of your spell light, and dark to alternate in between. This will help you ambush the enemies and keep the kill for your self.

Despite all of the tips above, what you should do is to practice using her all of the time. If you want to use her in the ranked match, find a good hero that can combo with your ultimate. Also note that you don’t need to go inside the teleport even if you cast it.

I hope that you can use her well and raise your ranks. She is fun to play and a really good hero!

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