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There is a buff and nerfs that will be going on the next update. After all, Balmond has been given a buff that suits him well. We got a huge change on the attack and defense emblem. But on the next update, there is a little bad news for tank users and support users that usually buy roaming item in the early game.

On the next update, there is a nerf on its passive. Roaming item will only give out +15 gold for every 4s. It seems like Moonton really wanted to delete the Funneling meta once and all. After deleting the +2 gold and EXP passive, they finally reduced the added gold for the last place in the team.

This will be a huge blow for both Tank and Support users that mainly use this item to gank and roam with the carry and marksman. This nerf will help lengthen the match, because of the inability for tank or support helping in the gank early on.

Well, hopefully this nerf will help balance the game so that players are able to play more fairly in a match of OP Heroes.

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