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The more megapixel that your phone camera has, the more storage that you need to use to save your picture!

This is why your phone storage is easily lost depending on how many picture that you took before. Of course, there are many ways to free up your phone storage, one of which is moving it into PC or cloud service. But what if you want to see your picture anytime you want to?

Thankfully, there are a ways to reduce your picture size without really reducing the quality so much. Try to use an app called Compress Photo Puma!

Compress Photo Puma boasts itself as one of the best apps for compressing photos in Google Play. In fact, this cute little PUMA will be able to help you save up your storage by reducing the size of your photo and video.

It helps you compress your media files that you choose and make it simple. The app is made by Farluner, and it is the result of several years of experience in photo and video compression space.

It has 3 easy modes:
* Auto – the simplest way to compress photos in the app. Perfect for emailing photos (even 50 in one email).
File Size – you specify the photo file size in KB or MB, and Puma will compress photos. Perfect when you need photos with exact file size.
Resolution & Quality – the most advanced one, you can specify image resolution and compression quality. Perfect for advanced users to find the sweet spot between photo file size and quality.

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The app has a clean material design looks that make it so beautiful and have a really good setting to easily compress your original photo without reducing the quality so much. This is definitely an app for you that want to send out photos with a size restriction such as visa, online application, job application, password, etc.

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App Rating : Compress Photo Puma: KB, MB, Resolution, Quality (Free)
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