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Layla is one of the worst marksman in Mobile Legends. Which is why, it is not surprising that Layla is finally getting a revamp from Moonton. Like Miya, she is going to get a revamp that will change her skill to suit the current META.

If you are interested, you can see the skill on the video below:

Although the revamp is not finished yet, we can see that Moonton is going to change the usage of her first skills. If she is able to hit her enemies with her first skill, her basic attack range will be boosted to 1.5x more of her initial basic attack. If we consider her passive “gives her more damage base on her attack ranged” than the damage will be 1.5x more than her previous one.

This is huge considering that even Lesley as the best sniper didn’t even have a ranged that far from her initial basic attack. With this buff, she will be able to kill most enemies in the late game, only by hitting her first skill.

Since this revamp is also “unfinished” based on the leakers, it is safe to think that she is going to be more OP in the next META after her update.

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