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Yi Sun-Shin is going to get a revamp. It makes his role both Assassins and Marksman. Of course, with it, there will be some change that will come to his item build to suit his new role.

Before that, you might want to see what his new revamp will be, if so then you might want to check out this article where we talk about Yi Sun-Shin skills and his skill description. Now, without any delay here are some of the best Yi Sun-Shin revamp build for Mythic rank!

1. Damage Assassins

Assassins is a role where a hero can deal massive burst damage and kill his enemy with ease. This is why the item that we had build Yi Sun Shin as, focus around his damage overall in the first time he engage with his enemies.

  • Raptor Machete Tier 3: can be used to farm jungle, kill enemies and the added bonus damage can be ignored because it is true damage.
  • Armor Shoes: this shoes will help him survive more battle in the early game. Yi doesn’t have a huge health pool, avoid going in when a mage heroes that has a burst damage like Eudora or Aurora and you will be fine in most cases.
  • Endless battle: still one of the most needed item in the long run, every time you go into the enemies you will be able to activate the passive and help you survive more battle with its life steal.
  • Blade of Heptaseas: one of the cheapest burst damage item that works even in the late game. Take this and you will be able to kill more.
  • Blade of Despair: the best late game item that can help you in taking the kill.
  • Immortality: help you survive and get 2 lives.

2. Damage Marksman

Marksman is a role where you increase the amount of DPS that you have. It mainly uses basic ability to kill his target and then take the kill. Do understand that you need to lane with other heroes for this build to work.

  • Raptor Machete Tier 3: For Farming and Jungling.
  • Swift Boots: Because you need to play in the back land, armor isn’t that needed which is why take Swift boots for more attack speed.
  • Endless battle: Use this item for more health, burst true damage, lifesteal and more movement speed. Yi has a short cooldown where he can use anytime he wants with this you can deal more damage.
  • Berseker Fury: Critical damage is important for any marksman. With this you can kill more even in the late game.
  • Scarlet Phantom: With more critical hits, your attack speed will be boosted to the max, and you will be able to deal more damage and heal more with each attack.
  • Blade of Despair: The best late game item that will increase your overall damage!

3. Hybrid Assassin Marksman

  • Jungle item Tier one: Buy this for farming and jungling because it is very cheap and easy to use.
  • Armor Boots: Because you will sometime needs to go in a battle, you will need to sustain yourself and use your close range skills to your advantages.
  • Haas Claw: One of the best survive item for Yi because of its lifesteal that can go up to 20% by itself, added with emblem it can go up to 30% each hit and heal you.
  • Berseker Fury: More damage with critical hit with this item.
  • Blade of Despair: Item that can help you kill anything and increase your damage in any way.
  • Scarlet Phantom: Scarlet phantom is best to use when you have berseker fury it is a one set combo for easy burst DPS.
  • Endless battle: For sustain and more damage in the late game, you can also sell this item for immortality (Exchange with jungle item tier one).

Hopefully with this list of build you are able to go to mythic rank. If you see me in a match, please kill me and make me feed. 🙂

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