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Chang’e is probably one of the most underrated heroes in Mobile Legends. She is able to kill most heroes in the early game, and with a proper build, she can be used as a cute machine gun that can massacre everything in her path.

Moonton themselves had given her a buff for the last 2 patches and she is one heck of an enemy to deal with. If the enemy didn’t have lolita to block her sparkles that it is sure that Chang’e is going to dominate the fight. Plus, in June, Chang’e will have new skin in the next Lucky Box Skins, called Lunar Magic!


Chang’e Epic Skins change a lot of her skills effect and design. She now didn’t use her rabbits anymore to deal more damage, but now she uses a fox to create the sparkles. Her design also looks really cute and cool with an astrology background that seems to suit her skill effect overall.

For starter, players can get Chang’e Epic skins “Lunar Magic” in Lucky Box event. You might need more than 3000 diamonds or more which is around 80$ or more.

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