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Amazfit Stratos 3 is a really good smartwatch with tons of functions and features. It is the upgrade from its previous series, by using higher materials, and features that improve the experience of the users that use the smartwatch. However, recently it is known since the software update, people have been experiencing a touch screen issue where it suddenly stops working without any warning. Thankfully, thanks to the community XDADevs, there is a fix for this problem, and today we will give you a little summary on how to fix the problem


After the software update, more people have been experiencing a touch screen issue. This happens when the Amazfit Stratos 3 got out from Ultra mode to Smart Mode, and the apps suddenly lose all functionality of its touch screen. The touchscreen will work on ultra mode, which is why we know that this is definitely a software issue. We currently don’t know if it still persist in some people which is why we have made this little summary on how to fix your Amazfit Stratos 3 Issue.

How to Fix this issue:

Despite the problem that might have given you a headache, the solution or the fix is actually really simple, which is to change your smart mode to ultra mode. If you can’t use the touchscreen, you can do it with the physical buttons. Here is the step:

  • In the watchface
  • Press up to the setting and then select it
  • Scroll down by pressing down until device menu
  • Change your settings to Ultra Mode
  • reboot it

Note if it still persists, you can comment on the XDAdevs and some users might be able to help you!

We hope that this little article will be able to help you in some way. We advise you to make the ultra mode as the default mode from now on, so that this problem won’t affect you in any way anymore!

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